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by Philips Emonina 

The car wash industry in Nigeria is booming - with low start up costs and high profits. Nigerians love their cars 


and spend millions of nairas each year to keep them clean.

Written by a seasoned Chief Executive, this exclusive business plan gives you a rare and real-world account of a 


car wash business in Nigeria through a combination of fifteen years of senior executive business experience, 


detailed research and interviews with people in the Nigerian car wash industry.

You’ll learn why certain business strategies work in the car wash industry and get insight into strategies to 


increase the number of car wash customers.

The business plan is filled with practical information to start or grow a car wash business in Nigeria; to increase 


your chance of success and to help you make educated business decisions.

You can use this 45 page business plan as an easy to follow guide into a car wash business in Nigeria.

This business plan includes typical, Car Wash financials - Income Statements, Cash Flows, and Break - Even 


Analysis. These financials were drawn up by Elijaho.Ogbuokiri, FCA, C.I Onwuasigwe, FCA both well established 


Fellows of The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria.

Before being offered to NURTW members, our business plan went through a meticulous pre-screening process by senior 


executives of NURTW, by successful car wash business owners in Lagos and by a senior oil company executive 


responsible for car wash operations in the Nigerian fuel retail market. The business plan emerged from this stringent 


assessment as “highly rated”.

There are several other benefits to this 45 page Car Wash Business Plan:

To map out the feasibility of your car wash business.

To present the business plan to potential financial backers if you are looking for funding.

To be familiar of what kind of costs you can expect in the start-up phase and how long it will take to break even 


on those costs.

To do a mock-run of your business on paper.

A business plan is like an insurance policy - you are insuring yourself against potential failure and increase the 


chances of success by dealing with many of the unknowns.

About the Author:

He is the manager of the garage known as International Car Care Limited, Mr Emeka Unachukwu, he did not show interest in the car care industry, even after his wife advised him that it could be a profitable business. He, however, said he began to think seriously about it the day his driver gave him what he considered an outrageous bill after taking his car to a washing garage. He decided to evaluate the cost of washing cars around Lagos and discovered it was a lucrative business. “At that moment, I knew I had struck it. I began planning to establish a car wash garage,” Unachukwu said.


Local technology

“We built the arches ourselves,” he responds when Sunday Sun asked whether the car cleaning machines were imported. “They are called wash arches, and I got the templates in the United States. But they are made in Nigeria.”


How did he do it? Although he had set up the garage in 2007, what they did was no different from what other people did. “So I decided to take a course in America; to learn more on how to wash cars. In early 2009, he went to the American Car College, Florida, and took two courses on car wash and equipment management.


What he got was much more.

“We had planned to import these machines for the drive-through system, but during the programme, they took us through their equipment. I saw they could be locally produced and decided to give it a try,” he said.

So Unachukwu returned home full of ideas and recruited some technicians, who put together the contraption of pipes, nozzles, metal arches, pumps and tanks.


They are as good as any built anywhere in the world.

“I spent just a fraction of what it would have cost to purchase, import and clear the machines in building them. It does not require much to set up. I learnt that there is no small business in the world. Every business is part of an industry and every industry is worth billions. It is now up to you to know how much to invest,” he said.

The car detergent and wax used are also locally made, as Unachukwu believes the local soap is as good as the for

In Exchange For:


seeking an Oracle Developer for a Dublin based organisation.


The ideal person will have the following skills:


5 years’ working on projects and supporting issues related to Oracle Development


Working knowledge of the Oracle ERP development toolkit


Workflow Builder, XML Reporting, Forms, Reports, PL/SQL, Discoverer


Oracle 11i experience would be an advantage yet is not essential as full training will be given in this area

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